There’s a new sign company in Charlotte and people are starting to take notice!

“It’s been the typical small business story,” he says. “I’ve never looked back since I started.”  — Jeff Clayton – JC Signs Charlotte

Sign Company in Charlotte

Jeff Clayton, JC Signs Charlotte


Jeff Clayton is the project manager and CEO of JC Signs Charlotte. He has over 100 clients in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, serving businesses that range from start-up nail salons to established healthcare providers.

Working in the sign industry since 2008, Jeff started the company in June 2011. He only had a $3,000 bank loan, business license, and phone in the beginning. A lawyer friend gave him his first small project. His work soon blossomed into bigger assignments with companies including Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates. His business grew through word of mouth and is now flourishing through referrals and social media.

“It’s been the typical small business story,” he says. “I’ve never looked back since I started.”

As Charlotte’s economy grows, Jeff sees an increasing need for well-made, eye-catching signs for local businesses, whether they are established or just getting started. He can sift through a plethora of sign styles — exterior signs, interior signs, and channel letter signs, just to name a few – and decide which works best for each person’s business based on cost and desired result.

While the product is important, Jeff values his interpersonal relationships with people most. “I am reliable, and I am honest and trustworthy,” he says. “That’s a dying commodity.”

The Gastonia native attended Troy State University in Alabama and earned a degree in history and sociology. He spends his free time hiking in the North Carolina mountains when he’s not glued to his iPhone 6. Climbing peaks in his personal life mirrors his approach to his professional one. His top priority is making good decisions for himself and his clients and colleagues.

“I really enjoy the customer contact part,” he says. “I enjoy the design and pulling all the pieces of it together. It’s really cool to look and see [the finished sign] on somebody’s building.”

Keep up with Jeff on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can email him too with questions and work requests.