About Exterior Signs – JC Signs Charlotte

Before a potential client or guest walks through the door, you want them to already know something about your business. A quality exterior sign can leave that lasting first impression.

We understand there’s a science and an art to the logo usage, placement, and style of an outdoor exterior sign. It says everything about your business in real time, whether the customer is intentionally visiting your space or is enticed to drop in based on the sign alone.

And we’re here to help.

Our Process

There are five key steps to getting an exterior sign up and running. The process takes about two to three weeks and also applies to channel lettering, interior and monument signs:

  1. A first time site visit will allow us to evaluate the zoning requirements for your particular location. We will also start to flesh out your design ideas.
  2. During the design phase, we determine whether your sign will include your company logo or only have stand-alone lettering. Exterior signs may include pole signs, flat panel signs, or dimensional letters. They can be directly mounted to a wall or building edifice, sometimes in the form of channel lettering, which comes in two types: halo lit and front lit. Halo lit signs have an opaque front and light out of the back of the sign, creating an aural effect. Standard channel letters have an acrylic face that is front illuminated.
    Channel letters may be individually mounted or mounted on what is called a raceway, which simplifies the installation process.You can email the finished design to us via a vector file to avoid pixilation and other quality issues that come up with regular image files.
  3. We handle all permitting issues associated with your sign. We’re familiar with county requirements and handle that paperwork. The wait time can vary depending on the county in North and South Carolina, but the average wait time to complete necessary permitting is about five days.
  4. The fabrication process will include all of the previous design ideas. The company name may be lit or non-lit and even have a light box with the company’s logo.
  5. The installation of your sign should be straight-forward thanks to the site visit, design, permitting and fabrication steps.

For more information about installing exterior signs in Charlotte, or to schedule your site visit, call our office at 704-995-0988 or email Jeff Clayton at: jeff@jcsignscharlotte.com.