About Interior Signs – JC Signs Charlotte

Your business has the potential to pop off the wall – and we mean that.

An interior sign may be the first thing your customers see when they come through your door. Well-crafted, personalized signs in your reception area or lobby create a sense of professionalism and assurance. We are here to help you not only realize your vision, but heighten it with our forward-thinking strategies and industry knowledge of which styles work best. We also ensure specifications are met for each sign, including directional signage to get people from place-to-place and ADA-complaint suite signs.

The Look

There are a several types of interior signs and their combination of materials:

  1. Reception signs
  2. Dimensional interior wall sign
  3. Brushed aluminum feature Interior wall logo and signs with dimensional lettering
  4. Brushed aluminum and clear Plexiglass wall logo sign with painted dimensional letters
  5. Digitally-printed fabric

The Process

There are five key steps to getting an interior sign up and running. The process takes about two to three weeks and also applies to exterior, channel letter and monument signs:

  1. A first time site visit will allow us to evaluate the zoning requirements for your particular location. We will also start to flesh out your design ideas.
  2. During the design phase, we determine whether your sign will be front lit or back lit – the halo effect – and how the raceway will work on your building edifice. You can email the finished design to us via a vector file to avoid pixilation and other quality issues that come up with regular image files.
  3. The fabrication process is the actual creation of the sign before it is installed. Our experienced fabricators use only the highest quality materials when fabricating your sign, assuring that your new sign will last for years to come.
  4. For the installation process, we make every effort to quickly install your new sign so as to minimize disruption to your business. Our installers have over 30 years of experience with every type of sign installation. We guarantee your sign will be installed correctly and safely.

For more information about installing exterior signs in Charlotte, or to schedule your site visit, call our office at 704-995-0988 or email Jeff Clayton at: jeff@jcsignscharlotte.com.